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Essential Oil Shower Steamers

  • Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Therapeutic shower steamers infused with a essential oils. Simply place one of these in your shower out of direct contact from the shower spray, and allow the steam to activate the shower bomb, releasing the goodness of the essential oils inside. Available to purchase in single units, or in sets of 3 

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Available in a set of three, choose your set from the options below

♥ Lavender Calm ♥

For when you need to find that inner peace. A selection of Lavender blends to help calm your mind, and may also aid in helping you get a good nights rest

♥ Eucalyptus ♥

Infused with eucalyptus and peppermint, this shower steamer can help clear blocked noses and sinuses to help you breathe a little easier

♥ Lemon & Lime ♥

A citrus set of shower steamers that can help give you a small boost of energy when you're feeling sluggish. Orange to invigorate, or lemon to liven your senses

♥ Pick me up ♥

One from each variety for when you need an all-round pick me up. 

Essential Oils

Make your choice of steamers, are you needing inner peace, energy, clear sinuses, a pick me up or all of the above? Infused with quality essential oils to aid you in reaching your best potential. 

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, dendritic salts, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, essential oils, polysorbate 80

Not all Essential Oil Shower Steamers are suitable for children aged 7 and under. Please check with your provider or health professional. If you are lactating or pregnant, please check with your doctor before using. Awa Homemade does not take any responsibility for any allergic reations that may come as a result of the ingredients listed. 

"You only need to walk into your bathroom to notice the smell. It's georgous and energizing" - Kahu

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