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Our Mission 

- To inspire self-care, highlight the best of New Zealand ingredients and put a smile on everyone's faces one bath, one candle, one product at a time. 

Our Vision 

- To be a completely sustainable business for our environment. 

- To celebrate the best of New Zealand ingredients 100%!


Welcome to Awa Homemade, a small business owned and operated by me, Yvonne, highlighting the best of self-care through quality, hand-crafted products. 

I started Awa in a small town studio south of the enchanting Waitomo after a life-long passion for all things bath and home fragrance. From bath bombs to candles and everything in between, I was an expert shopper. In finally launching my own business I really wanted to bring to the forefront that same passion I had for the small things in life. A quiet half an hour soaking your cares away in luscious waters, or creating an ambience in your home with scented candles. I also wanted to create a point of difference, and highlight local suppliers and ingredients as much as possible. 

My products are made with so much love, and you can buy knowing with confidence that every ingredient is thoroughly researched and serves an important purpose.

Why Beeswax?

We first started using beeswax when restoring an old rimu table to its former glory. By blending it with a moisturizing oil like jojoba, we were able to replenish and highlight the stunning natural colours of the wood. Thanks to the beeswax, it restored and protects our table for years to come. We were so impressed with the results, and decided to start experimenting on products that highlighted this amazing natural ingredient. 

Now we use it in many of our products, including candles and wax melts. Beeswax is a by-product. This is a huge factor when it comes to using beeswax over other available waxes. As a by-product, resources are not wasted on creating a system that is solely dedicated to creating this amazing product. 

When our local beekeepers collect their honey, the beeswax that has been accumulating over a period of time is also collected, purified and bought in large batches by us! However, in order to produce 1 pound (453g) of beeswax, a honey bee will visit up to 30million flowers and eat up to 10 pounds of honey! With these figures in mind, and including other factors such as the quality of the wax when compared to other waxes, its sustainability and all round natural aspects, it is no wonder that beeswax products tend to be up to 4x more in value to comparative products. 

Over all, we believe that the quality of products created when using beeswax beats out its competition. When you try our range of beeswax products, you'll never look back!


Shower & Bath - A Treat For All Your Senses

What makes our recipes so different from your average store-bought products? As avid bath-takers we take pride in knowing what makes a great bathing experience. We wanted to create products that spoil all your senses! Not just how it looks and how it smells, but also how it treats your body. 

Your average store-bought bath bomb and shower steamer likely contains simple ingredients, as well as unknown chemicals and nasty sulphates. 

At Awa Homemade we don't scrimp on the finer details. We fill our products nourishing oils that work to retain the natural oils of our skin. Our glitters and colourants are eco-friendly and bio-degradable, and won't stain your bath tub! 

Hand-crafted Quality

At Awa Homemade we create all our products by hand from our small studio in Waitomo, New Zealand. This generally means creating smaller quantities at a time, giving us total control over the quality of our products. 

Bath Salts

From the formulating of our secret recipes and crafting of your product, to the designing and labeling process, each element is done by our own two hands. Hand-crafted products brings an element of uniqueness, personalizing the experience for every customer.

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