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Claim Your Free Beeswax Melt! | June 2021

Claim Your Free Beeswax Melt! | June 2021

At Awa Homemade, we try our best to be friends with nature. Friends don’t treat each other badly. Friends look after one another, and we want to help you treat one of our best friends the way they deserve.

We want to encourage sustainability by recycling, reusing and repurposing as much as possible. So we’ve created an incentive to help you contribute to our circle ethics. To help you help us have minimal impact on the environment, we want you to save your beeswax!

When you purchase beeswax melts from Awa Homemade, they can last up to 20 hours in your burner. Once the fragrance has burnt out and you can no longer smell it, all that’s left is the beeswax and coconut oil. Please don’t throw it away! There are a variety of things you can do to repurpose beeswax, and we will eventually share a few recipes and ideas to help you do that. Or you can send it back to us!

What can we do with it?

Once you send it back to us, we will go through a rigorous cleaning process, designed to removed any lingering fragrance, and clean anything it’s picked up along the way. From there we can repurpose it to create brand new products! One of our favourite things to use repurposed beeswax for are our natural beeswax tealight candles. It’s like the circle of life; beeswax edition!

So how does it work?

For every three pieces of used, unscented beeswax melts you return, we will replace it with a free one of your choice!

If you live local to the Waitomo District, you can simply pop into our studio address and drop off your beeswax pieces and pick up your free one!

If you don’t live local, here’s a step by step on how to claim yours.

  1. Send your Awa Homemade beeswax pieces back to us by courier or post. Make sure to include your name and return address, and your preferred scent if you have one.
  2. We will then have your free wax melt sent out to you on the next courier pick up available

That’s it! Easy peazy.

You can save up your wax melts and send back a whole lot at the same time. For example, if you send us 9 pieces of used and unscented wax melts, we will send you 3 free wax melts in return! To find out where to return your wax melts, check the bottom of our website, or the contact us page for the return address.

Thank you for helping us be friends with nature!

Posted: Friday 25 June 2021


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